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2000. KT Doyle Product Launch

October 1, 2000


The Spring/Summer 2000 Product Launch features a range of hand-crafted cushions which have evolved from a textile practice actively spent investigating the way in which people ‘make’ places their own using soft furnishings and objects that engender a sense of belonging.

Cut, Stitch and Cobble are influenced by aspects of contemporary culture including; architecture, interior and fashion design and evoke the simplicity of modernist construction. The range features natural cotton fibre, along with elements of hand-woven silk fabric from an original 1920’s Japanese kimono. The palette features three main colours: Alabaster reflecting white heat, Verdure evoking vegetal greens and warm, earthy Clay Bisque.


Exhibition Title: KT Doyle Product Launch
Title of work: Cut, Stitch and Cobble (hand-made cushions)
Year: 2000
Dimensions: 50x50cm
Materials: Cotton drill, 1920s Japanese silk kimono
Gallery: CQ Store, Craft Queensland, Brisbane

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