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2002. Acid Weave

June 1, 2002


Acid Weave is a culmination of two years postgraduate study at Monash University. It articulates an investigation into issues of belonging as it is continually renegotiated through globalization and new technologies at the turn of the millennium. The way in which travel defines our sense of self is explored in conjunction with its influences on determining where we feel at ‘home’ and how we make a sense of ‘place’ for ourselves.

The focus is on a body of work for public exhibition influenced by craft based practices and re-interpreted in digital media. Using computer-based graphic design tools, KT has created a series of ‘Digital Rugs’ (digital prints on paper) which reference, borrow and re-configure elements of traditional rug making, including decoration, pattern making, aesthetics of colour and composition.


Exhibition Title: Acid Weave
Title of Work: Digital Rugs and Textile Samples
Year: 2002
Dimensions: Digital Rugs – 144x100cm
Dimensions: Textile Samples – 100x75cm
Materials: Digital print on paper (matt laminated), Waxed ramin
Gallery: Craft Victoria


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