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Making Place: Wallpaper & Textiles

June 30, 2008

I’m so excited!

Today is the official start date of my 12 month project!

I would like to thank the Brisbane City Council, Brisbane, Australia for awarding me a Creative Sparks Grant to support concept development and prototyping a range of new work on paper and textiles for public exhibition and commercial application.

This project has two clearly defined, yet interwoven aspects with the essence being the development of a range of designs, which make links and cross discipline borders between art, craft and design. I would like to explore these designs as:

1. A range of textile hangings for space re-organization in large, open spaces, creating multiple environments within the one site.

2. A range of wallpaper, which anchors the architectural focal point of a space, using devices of storytelling.

The conceptual rationale behind the work is that of connecting people and place. The textile hangings and wallpaper construct new spaces within those that already exist, changing the way relationships occurring within them are played out. It’s about promoting interaction within environments that are inspired by the way we navigate them and the emotions they evoke.

The materials and production methods being investigated will be environmentally responsible, sourcing and testing natural fibres and non-toxic, low VOC (volatile organic compound) products and environmentally sensitive production methods where possible. Understanding the needs of commercial application and the direction in which it is headed will be paramount to successfully integrating the work into future design projects and collaborations.

Artisan’s Ivory 24-7 Project Space (viewed by 10,000 people daily) in May 2009 will be key to the promotional activity showcasing months of design development and prototyping. This will provide a stimulating forum for discussion with the architecture and design industries at large.

I’ll be updating my blog weekly and will look forward to you following my journey over the next 12 months!

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