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July 28, 2008

There are so many talented designers and exciting brands that once you start researching you can become a little overwhelmed, even disillusioned…

What will make my work stand out from the crowd? What will be my point of difference? Will my products add to the market or aid to over-saturate it or will they simply give the client more choice? Does a need for my work truly exist or is this act of creation purely a selfish one?

I certainly need to fulfill my urge to create and maybe this desire is selfish. However, if I contribute to the client’s level of choice, perhaps I am simultaneously adding and taking away. Adding products that are sustainable and offer consumers a better choice, which may in turn help to ‘take away’ or replace existing options which are less environmentally efficient.

Certainly it is subjective as to whether or not people like my designs, but it is more than subjectivity that will edge clients to make environmentally responsible decisions.

Some of the work I have found interesting this week can be seen at their respective links below. Drop me a line to let me know your thoughts.

L to R: Wallpaper by Graham and Brown, Mod Green Pod and Nama Rococo

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