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August 4, 2008

The first month of the project is under my belt and I’ve done a lot of preliminary document set up and research. August will see me ‘get my hands dirty’ but, more about that next week!

This past week most of my time was spent on:

  • Eco Research – materials and suppliers
  • PR Strategy – setting up documents and images

Ecospecifier aim’s to help building professionals including architects, designers, builders and specifiers, as well as keen homeowners, to shortcut the eco and healthy materials sourcing process. Product category searches are easy to navigate and a high level of eco-info is listed for individual products including product details, issues of concern/red lights and availability along with a list of eco criteria the manufacturer has met. This is the sort of site I would like to represent my products.

The Collection is another wonderful resource for architects, designers and specifiers. With a detailed visual directory of key suppliers divided into four categories – Finishes, Fixed & Fitted, Furniture and Lighting. This is a stunning publication, in which I would also love to be recommended.

Researching digital printing solutions, I discovered this company in the States: Stella Color who use printers by Leggett and Platt Digital Technologies. Their Virtu Printing Systems bioHueV UV inks produce virtually no VOCs. Within some tolerance limits, the majority of the liquid ink solidifies immediately into solid ink components in the UV curing process without the release of any appreciable amount of harmful VOCs into the atmosphere. More research in this area is needed and ideally I would like to use an Australian-based company.

Lots of emails are going back and forth with Australian suppliers and I’ll be visiting a few this coming week!

On the PR front, I created some informative documents:

  • Project Summary – project rationale and project components
  • Key Personnel
  • Press Opportunities

I am very excited to have a group of talented and well-recognised Industry Experts involved in my project to provide feedback and guidance on my decisions and direction. We will be meeting twice during the prototyping phase of my project at Artisan. They are very kind to be available to me during this project. Thank you!

Now onto the secondary materials research and initial designs for the work!

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