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Studio Days

August 18, 2008

What a delight! I had 4 days in the studio this week!

Still doing a lot of supplier and eco research, which remains fascinating. Getting lots of good info, like this comparison chart on the InStyle Textiles site, which briefly and clearly details the main environmental textile standards and what they cover:

I also went foraging at Reverse Garbage for colour and texture inspiration for my storyboards and colour palettes. Reverse Garbage is a not-for-profit workers’ co-operative, who collect clean industrial discards, which would otherwise be going to landfill, from more than 300 businesses and industries around Brisbane such as: printers, plastics manufacturers, pillow-makers, upholsterers, theatre groups and government departments. It’s a little treasure trove!

Here are some random shots of the ‘treasure’ on my work table, ready to be scrutinized and ordered…

Now I’m working hand in hand with colour and design to:

  • Tell the story…
  • Take the work out of the expected…
  • Explore diversity…
  • Customize…
  • Design to fit back with the colour-ways I establish for the range

So, what is the story, you ask?…

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