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Digital Textiles

August 25, 2008

It seems that the biggest decision I’m faced with now regarding my textile hangings is whether to weave my designs or print them. Cost and minimums will potentially determine the outcome within the parameters of this project.

Concerning this very question, I had the great fortune to meet with Kay Faulkner this week.

Kay is a well-known, Queensland-based textile weaver who exhibits and works to commissions both nationally and internationally. Recently, Kay’s last exhibition returned home after touring in Australia for 2 years. The work, catalogue and exhibition tour were made possible by an Arts Queensland grant. The show was titled Indulgence, featuring a series of woven wraps exploring the theme of the chocolate wrapper. Some of the works were hand-woven and some digitally woven, giving Kay the opportunity to present the craft of weaving with popular appeal, technical excellence and conceptual rigour. “An Australian Overseas”, Digitally woven fabric by Kay Faulkner is pictured below.

I had the pleasure of seeing the work again at Kay’s studio and we spoke for several hours about our respective practices and my project. Kay kindly provided me with valuable information regarding the textiles component of my project, specifically, places in Australia and overseas which could produce small lengths of digitally woven fabrics.

With this knowledge, I’m now determining whether the textile hangings will be a repeat pattern and manufactured as lengths of fabric able to be cut to size as required and be specified with other interior products, such as furniture. Or, to create the hangings as singular designs with a stronger narrative approach, but in colour-ways that will sit back with a purposely-designed upholstery range, creating a third element. Thanks Kay – I’m looking forward to staying in touch!

I met with the delightful Robert Ginns, Queensland Sales Manager for Sustainable Living Fabrics. Robert was really helpful concerning their 100% eco-wool fabrics as a possible substrate for printing, if in fact I print the designs rather than have them woven. Robert’s knowledge of eco-certification is impressive and the Sustainable Living Fabrics range boasts the GECA certification amongst others.

Meetings next week will be with Woven Image and InStyle Contract Textiles! I’m looking forward to narrowing down my options, but how wonderful to actually have some!

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