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Keeping it Simple

September 15, 2008

Still designing… This is the most exciting part of the project for me!

I’ve been a little overwhelmed by choice this week… I mentioned in the last blog about the need to cull after intensive experimentation, well I’ve come up with a range of colourways for one of the designs and now need to step back and determine which ones to run with. This isn’t as easy as it seems! Due to cost, I won’t be able to produce all the colourways up front, so I need to be discerning about which ones make it through the process of elimination for the initial launch.

It’s interesting designing with two different mediums in mind. I am constantly thinking about what pattern, motif/repeat size and colourway would be a knock out in the wallpaper and how that would complement the textile hangings. I would like for them to reflect the same elements, colours and story, but not necessarily mirror the design exactly. I am also conscious of how the texture of woven textiles impacts on designs. Having worked previously with hand woven tapestry, I understand that translating a design from paper to weave requires many changes to get the best results from the woven medium, results that retain the integrity of the original design.

Again, I would like to reveal more, but will remain close-lipped for now. So no images or links this week, simply me, my Wacom tablet and Adobe Illustrator going hard!

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