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Creative Juices

September 29, 2008

Even though I had more time than usual to devote to designing this week, I wasn’t always able to get the creative juices flowing… Why is it that when we have the time, we don’t necessarily have the mojo and when we have a flood of creative ideas, we don’t have the time to realise them? I took a little solace in this quote from Lord Byron: “Time! the corrector when our judgements err.” Hopefully this means my ideas will come together in time, rather than impatiently forcing decisions before the time is right…

So, what have I been doing?

I refined the floral motif further and would like to digitally print a few colourways in a range of sizes so that I can critique them better than I can on my computer screen or printed out on A4. There’s something to be said for being able to stand back and look at the work as it would be seen, that can’t be replicated through visualization alone.

I also worked on the Textile Sample images from my Acid Weave show to see how they would come up in repeat. I’m quite happy with the way they are progressing, but they’re not complete yet. I’m not sure how they will translate into both wallpaper and textile hangings. More playing to be done here.

After spending an entire day on one motif from my Digital Rug series (also from the Acid Weave show), I’m going back to the drawing board and probably won’t pursue designs from this series any further for this project. Breaking them down into simplified elements really compromises the integrity of the original work.

Now to start work on the very loose ideas I have for the Mille Fleur repeat patterns. Working with some earlier drawings, I will take these motifs into a new colour palette, play with their design and scale and set them into repeat.

I’ve got a feeling the answer to my design questions is lying right under my nose and by investing in the developmental process so intently, I am blinded from seeing what is glaringly obvious!

The coming week will see more design development and refinement, a visit from Kay Faulkner to my studio and printing to scale some of my designs for closer critique.

Retrospectively… Last week I meant to mention my inclusion in a Q&A article by Margie Frazer (Brisbane Editor, InDesign) on the “nexus between design and science” in the Brisbane InDesign 2008 Guide. Thanks again Margie for choosing to interview me for this piece, I thoroughly enjoyed contemplating this hot topic. Also interviewed were the very talented Marc Harrison, Brian Steendÿk and Paul Morris.

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