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In the Studio

October 13, 2008

Some great images were taken by Troy Hansen in my studio this week. We wanted some shots of me at work in the studio and general photos in my ‘native environment’ to both document this stage of the project (achieving full scale image proofs of some of the designs) and for future publicity.

I’ve included a couple of these photos in this week’s post, though not full pan views of my studio as my designs are still in progress. You’ll see them all in good time!

Of course, part of the week was taken up with arranging the printing of my designs to scale. Disappointingly, no printer I mentioned on my blog last week was able to print large format on paper with inks that are environmentally sensitive. Some use eco-inks on their own biodegradable or lower-PVC content substrates, but not on paper, let alone sustainably forested, chlorine free paper. A few of the companies print small run copy such as business cards, brochures and catalogues etc using recycled paper and soy-based ink, but not for large format work. Having said that, I am waiting to hear back from AMPG Green as to whether or not they can source an eco-alternative paper substrate.

PDF in Bowen Hills were able to print high quality images on photo satin paper and turn the job around for me in 24 hours, allowing me to meet my deadline of Thursday for the shoot. In talking to owner, Jon Ballard, I found out that the large format printing industry hasn’t yet caught up with pre-press and copy printing in their use of recycled content paper and non-toxic, vegetable inks. Whilst some advancement has been made as per my previous blog, it hasn’t filtered across all large format print processes and where it has, it hasn’t always been successful in terms of durability. I’m still on the lookout for green alternatives. Please leave a comment if you have any information.

In printing the images to scale, I’m determining what works and what doesn’t hit the mark. The proof colours came up to match what I envisage for the palette, which is invaluable when viewing the work. The designs that have ‘breathing space’ around the motifs seem to resonate more than those that are deliberately chaotic and evenly weighted. A few more design options to nut out yet, but I’m getting closer to finalizing the designs.

I’ve walked away from this week with excitement for the work and Troy’s studio photos and disappointment in not being able to achieve a better outcome for printing the proofs. I guess this is par for the course.

Looking ahead, still more designing to be done and feedback to be sought from those whose opinions I value most.

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