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Presentation and AbaF

October 20, 2008


Even before finalizing my designs, I am already thinking about their presentation, not only in the context of public exhibition, but how I present them to clients as samples.

I had the great fortune this week of accompanying Jacqui McDonough, Macquarie Textiles to a number of architect and interior design studios and a soft furnishings manufacturer.

Besides meeting some lovely people, well versed in their field, I was able to get up close and personal with their sample libraries and examine how textile and other materials-based companies represent their ranges. Whether in a ‘chip-box’ with individual and removable sample cards or an A4 folder with swatch cards, style and position are key.

Tips I picked up:

  • Ensure presentation method is easy to use (hard to handle samples may not get used as much)
  • Ensure clear branding highlights the brand from others
  • Ensure all information is available on the back of the sample (whether in a chip-box or A4 folder)
  • Ensure information is clear, easy to read and appropriate
  • Ensure your business card/contact details are easy to find

Jacqui regularly updates the Macquarie Textiles chip-boxes to ensure her clients have all the materials they need when creating storyboards for presentations. It also gives her a feel for what fabrics are being considered or ‘played with’ in order for her to better assist her clients.

This was an invaluable learning experience and I would like to thank Jacqui and all the companies that allowed me into their sample libraries.

Of course, before getting to the point of actually presenting the ranges, I must have the designs manufactured…

I am grateful to the Brisbane City Council for awarding me a Creative Sparks Grant and while it has allowed me to get this project off the ground, I need to raise a further $10,000 to assist with prototyping and marketing expenses by December 2008.

Which brings me to another point…

AbaF Donations

Developing prototypes with manufacturers using new technologies is costly as there are minimum order requirements set by the manufacturer, standards testing approval and application costs for green certification. I will also be designing, printing and constructing sample/information packs to give to prospective clients during and after a launch of the products to be held at Artisan in mid 2009.

I am seeking donations to assist with this unique project and have registered with the Australian Business Arts Foundation which promotes private sector engagement with the arts by connecting business, the arts, donors and foundations through three programs – Partnering, Volunteering and Giving.

Project Profiles are listed in alphabetical order and you can view mine here. Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible if you donate through AbaF. If you would like to help me create and launch these environmentally friendly products onto the market, please click on the “donate” button on my website profile and feel free to mention my project to your friends and colleagues.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment on this blog (all comments are moderated before going live) or contact Sharon Nathani, Manager Australia Cultural Fund.

Thank you to everyone for your interest in my project so far!

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