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Mid-Project Installation – Nelson Molloy

December 1, 2008
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This past week has been a frenzy of activity, mostly breathing life into my current designs to be able to show them to the public…

Over a year ago, I began having the most intellectually stimulating email dialogues with Maria Nelson after she spoke on a panel about ethics and design in relation to her business.

Maria is one half of the Brisbane-based design duo, Nelson Molloy, who, with New Zealand born David Molloy, set up the label in 2002. They are widely known for their irreverent take on traditional elegance, use of colour and textural detail. One of the key elements of many of their pieces is multi-functionality – where a skirt can become a dress, or a cape just by the way it is positioned and wrapped around the body (see “Messenger Skirt” images below). Their clothing and accessories are so much more than fabric which covers the body, it’s about the relationship of fabric to the body and our changing desires to wrap, fold and twist it to express what we feel in that moment when wearing their clothes.

Nelson Molloy is launching a new range of jewellery by Tooth and Nail, another exciting, emerging Brisbane design duo, on Thursday 11 December.

Maria asked if I would be interested in installing some of my previous or current work in their stores during this period and naturally I jumped at the chance to collaborate in this way.

I am 5 months into my project now, almost halfway, and it is the perfect time to release some of the works in progress. With the current stitching detail and filigree designs, these works build a natural dialogue with Maria and David’s clothing and accessories through repetition, visual poetry and exploring process as idea.

If you’re in Brisbane, please join Maria, David, myself, Lauchie and Eliza from Tooth and Nail and the staff at Nelson Molloy at:

  • 717 Ann Street, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, Queensland, 4006
  • +61 7 3852 5557
  • 6pm onwards, Thursday 11 December 2008

Thank you Maria and David for the opportunity to work with you…

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