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Crunch Time!

January 26, 2009

Not long to go now before the culmination of this project is upon me with an expected end-date of June 30, 2009, I can see time galloping away!

To ensure I’m on track with delivery, I have readjusted and refined the tasks still at hand and it looks something like this:


  • Shortlist motifs to prototype
  • Finalize and confirm materials, green standards, manufacturers and costings
  • Re-address additional funding through AbaF
  • Commence prototyping
  • Commence work on sample pack (used to present samples to clients)
  • Investigate long range publicity
  • Initial discussions regarding website development
  • Continue to address additional funding through AbaF
  • Refine prototypes
  • Continue work on sample pack
  • Publicity follow up
  • Continue website development
  • Finalize prototypes
  • Finalize sample pack
  • Document prototypes and sample pack
  • Commence planning for window installation of prototypes at Artisan
  • Finalize website
  • Short range publicity
  • Contact industry regarding project culmination and work coming to Artisan
  • Finalize Artisan window installation
  • Artisan window installation
  • Documentation
  • Meet with industry
  • Press
So this past week I have been focusing on the prototypes and deciding on numbers of designs and colourways. Both exciting and stressful with so many options, I have had to undertake a very rigorous process of elimination. The final decisions will ultimately depend on whether the designs can be translated successfully from concept to final product taking into account all the subtle nuances of wallpaper and textiles.

More of the same over the next week as January draws to a close and I look to start bringing my designs to life!
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