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What if wallpaper were glass?

February 2, 2009

Marcel Wanders is a design inspiration. The mission statement for the Marcel Wanders Studio is: “Here to create an environment of love – Live with passion and make our most exciting dreams come true”. And while the Dutch designer works under his own name, he also creates and brings the designs of others together under the label Moooi (pronounced ‘Moy’), which predominately showcases furniture and lighting solutions.

Originally one of the first designers to work for Droog design founded by Dutch designers Renny Ramakers and Gijs Bakker in 1993, Wanders has gone on to work across countless mediums and to international acclaim.

There is something about how he sees the world… as if with his head cocked to one side and eyes wide open. He takes the ordinary and finds humour in it, making it extraordinary. He creates a wow! factor with seemingly no effort at all.

His wallpaper designs for Bisazza Mosaico, the Italian glass tile company, are really beautiful. Written on his site is:

“What if bears could fly? What if water could be weightless,
what if wallpaper would be glass? Should we have called it wall-glass?”

The partnership between Wanders and Bisazza has taken wall-coverings traditionally used for ‘wet areas’ into interior spaces such as, lounge rooms/internal entertaining areas and made them glow through the brilliance of glass and the power of pattern. This ability to think outside the square makes Wanders’ pieces and the projects he collaborates on very dynamic.

Wanders has also created designs for the wallpaper company Graham & Brown, of whom I’ve previously spoken. I not only love these designs, but the advertising photography is edgy, playful, sexy and forward thinking, shifting the wallpaper from two-dimensions to three-dimensions.

This past week, I have nailed down my designs to prototype… More on that coming soon!


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