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Space Furniture

February 9, 2009

In last week’s post I talked about Marcel Wanders and Moooi and with good reason too…

This month, my first wallpaper design features at Space Furniture, Brisbane, completing the window installation of products by the talented designers represented under the Moooi label. Space is a leading international furniture retailer with showrooms also in Sydney, Melbourne, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.

The theatrical and decadent display features classic pieces such as the white ‘Paper Chandelier‘ by Studio Job, the ‘Bold‘ menorah by Roderick Vos, Marcel Wanders ‘Crochet Table‘ and the collaborative ‘Carbon Chair‘ by Bertjan Pot and Marcel Wanders. Adorning Front’s whimsical ‘Pig‘ table and Bertjan Pot’s ‘Balls‘ table is the most luscious banquet of fresh fruit and vegetables – deep purple aubergines, cottage lettuce, succulent grapes and fruit of all varieties waiting to be eaten. Strewn across the table, completing this scene of temptation is beautiful glassware from the Space Accessories shop indicating the banquet is still in progress… it has begun, is being enjoyed, but is not yet over…

I am grateful for this opportunity to work with Tony Flamos, the National Merchandise Manager for Space Furniture, Australia. I was introduced to Tony by Carmel Haugh, Contract Manager at Space in Brisbane, who is one of the Industry Experts closely following my project and an active member of the Brisbane Arts, Craft and Design sector. Together, with their vision and direction for the window’s decadent banquet theme, I set about refining one of the designs I had been working on as part of my project. We established the colourway and agreed on a directional approach to scale by building a larger image from smaller motifs to create a different visual experience for the customer depending on the distance from which the window is viewed.

Outside the building and looking in from a distance, the reading is of an all over pattern. However, when approaching the building the design begins to reveal itself as part of an intricate lattice, simultaneously forming and dissolving the pattern. Up close, the pattern is experienced in a more intimate way.

I’ll be uploading a special post mid-week with photos of the wallpaper and window installation, so keep an eye out!

I would like to thank Tony, Carmel and Cynthia Howard, (Visual Merchandiser, Space Furniture Brisbane). I am thrilled to work with such dynamic professionals on a truly interesting project.

If you are in the neighborhood, drop in to Space Furniture in Brisbane at 10 James Street, Fortitude Valley.

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