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Intersections and Connections

February 23, 2009
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I am looking more inwardly as I come closer to completing this project and there is an increasing importance for my designs to meet my own conceptual parameters of connecting people and place.

Doubt is raised in my mind as crucial decisions come to the fore – the kind of doubt that resembles moments like when your bet is placed on ‘that’ horse in the Melbourne Cup and it’s impossible to go back and reverse your decision… You’re stuck with your choice and have to swallow your fear as the horses are called to the starting gates… From then on, it’s a gamble, luck, trust, or is it written?

I think most artists and designers, when continually reflecting on their work, get to a certain point where, even for a moment, it’s as though they either can’t see it for what it really is or finally realise what it’s all about…

Right now, I feel a good ½ a yard away from nailing that ‘light bulb’ moment and find myself constantly drawn back to my initial rationale of connecting people and place through the use of pattern in an architectural setting. Working with pattern, scale, texture and colour, it’s essential that I am able to contextualize my relationship with the ‘spaces’ I live and move through so that they become ‘places’ I belong in.

One of the strongest signifiers in this current series of designs and in the work from Acid Weave is the use of intersecting lines as a metaphor for the connections and crossroads in both life and design. Intersecting lines are very powerful symbols. They create imagery such as the cross and the addition sign. They create divisions and partitions and the formation of the ‘other side’. They form paths and roads and train lines, rivers and intersections. And of course, weaving threads of yarn to produce fabric, allows the translation of historical and cultural imagery in a tangible, utilitarian and decorative form.

At the Queensland Design Strategy 2020 launch event last Thursday at Living Edge, the notion of design sitting at the intersection of the current economic and environmental crises was raised. Designer, Trent Jansen, spoke of how often people approach both of these issues in isolation. He established through his own ponderings, reading and discussing with peers the need to address both the economic downturn and environment within the same breath. They intersect. Their relationship with each other is integral to the survival of the other. The further we move into our future, the more relevant the delicate eco-system of this inter-relationship is. To carry my metaphor further, it’s as if the strategic lines of our financial future need to interlace with our commitment to sustainability and accountability in the global design economy for a balanced approach to prosperity.

It’s interesting in this final moment before signing the cheque to commit to production that these elements are resonating in my designs…

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