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Variety Week!

March 30, 2009

This past week has been a real mix of getting stuff done and connecting with other creatives…


My prototypes are cooking away… I will have fabric quality swatches late this week/early next week from Macquarie Textiles to approve fabric composition, weight and handle (that’s the technical term for how it will feel.). Once this is confirmed, a colour blanket will be woven to determine the colourways and then, we weave the yardage. April will also see the other wallpaper colourway/s sampled and manufactured by Porter’s Original Paints. It’s really complex developing a range of wallpaper and textiles which sit back with each other, but I am enjoying every minute of this huge learning curve!


My website is well and truly underway thanks to the talented team at designfront. I’m really looking forward to sharing it with you when it’s complete. Stay tuned!


Last Wednesday I attended the DIA’s monthly event, DIAlogues, a seminar series featuring respected individuals with firsthand knowledge of the design industry. I had the pleasure of listening to Christine Murray from Queensland Project Services recap a number of their public art and community projects. Leanne Pearce from Corporate Art featured some of their project case studies and outlined the need for connecting corporate business with art. These events are intimate and informal and geared at creating both a place and an opportunity to meet with other professionals in industry.

Pecha Kucha at the Ideas Festival

I attended another Pecha Kucha event on Friday night. Held as part of the Brisbane Ideas Festival this year, and attended by about 700 people, it got off to a slow start with some tech issues, but certainly made up ground with the enthusiastic presentations by creatives such as Christopher McCallum from Vein Wear (mens footwear designer), Brian Steendyk (designer and architect), Phillip Follent (Queensland Government architect), Mark Lobo (photographer) and Davros (graphic designer, animator). This is a diverse and colourful event held in major cities globally. Check out the details for your city.

Earth Hour

Finally, we spent Saturday night by candlelight as part of the Earth Hour campaign to collectively reduce our energy output. Aparently nearly 50% of all Australians took part. It reminded me of the fact that we don’t get to appreciate the stunning quality of candlelight often enough. As an annual event it’s great, as a more regular event, it would be even better! Note to self… More time by candlelight…

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