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The Journey

April 6, 2009

On Thursday night I attended the launch of the new IKEN showroom in Fortitude Valley and despite it being a drizzly evening, there was a supportive turnout. Jason Marks, Queensland State Manager, spoke warmly to all about the new ‘face’ of IKEN in Brisbane and showcased their exciting product range for 2009.

In the midst of this, I had the most engaging conversation about ‘the journey’. I was talking about my project, taking an idea through development to prototype, and how eager we can sometimes be to reach ‘the destination’. In these times of rapid prototyping, ‘quick fixes’ and insanely fast production, we often look to what’s coming next rather than recognizing and appreciating what’s unfolding now. Having said that, there is a small return to what’s being referred to as the ‘slow movement’. ‘Slow food’, for example, is about taking the time to enjoy the process of cooking as much as eating the end result. It’s about celebrating the journey as a key part of the process of arriving at the destination.

This concept resonates strongly with me, even though lately, apart from my weekly blog reflections, I’ve found myself saying: ‘right, once this is done…’ or ‘then, I can move onto on this…’ and completely forgetting to enjoy the very special adventure I’m on.

Perhaps this is a result of focusing on outcomes rather than moving towards a goal? I am measuring my efforts against the criteria I laid out in my grant application and while on the one hand this has been directional, on the other hand it has had to be flexible, as the project has evolved.

It never ceases to amaze me, how the physical application of ideas makes way for change. Technical challenges, new discoveries and discussions with peers all help evolve new work. This flexibility creates space for experimentation during the journey and takes the idea to a new place.

The biggest lessons here for me are to 1) recognize the journey as a learning curve and not just focus on the end point and 2) remember to appreciate how far I’ve come in this journey and where I am now. What a delight to be reminded of all this last Thursday…

Visit the IKEN website for more photos from their launch event.

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