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Plan B

May 25, 2009

Always have a Plan B. This is absolutely crucial!

Troy Hansen and I had planned to photograph my new range of wallpaper and textiles in an architectural setting… in a fabulous, graffitied storm drain in Brisbane’s inner suburbs.

Then, two days before the shoot, this happened:

And after the biggest floods since 1974, the drain looked like this, the day we were supposed to shoot:

Lesson #1: Always have a Plan B…

Troy had a couple of ideas, so we headed over the south side of town. One of the locations turned out to have no roof and the other location had been bulldozed to make way for a new development.

So, we headed to the north side to a storage shed, which had potential… Well, at least it was still standing and had a roof!

Meanwhile, my iPhone was flooded with emails from my Industry Experts with possible locations and one of them was absolutely perfect. Leesa Hickey from Designfront knew of an abandoned, graffitied old Queenslander which stacked up with more than just potential, it was right on the money.

Great, so now we had a location…

Lesson #2: Be flexible!

Now the location had changed, so had some of the requirements for the shoot. We could no longer wallpaper directly onto the walls, but instead needed to wallpaper panels to install and de-install in the space. This meant a trip to the hardware store and then to expert wallpaper specialist Phil Taylor, who turned around the job in a day for me. Thanks Phil!

Lesson #3: Work smart and keep cool

When it came down to the final shoot, we had to be prepared as the weather was still windy and showery. I complied a list of everything we required for the day and checked it off as we packed and we started early to allow plenty of good light for the photographs. Then, with precision, we managed to unpack the cars in between showers, shoot our various set ups in between showers and pack the cars up in between showers. Maybe lady luck was shining down on us a bit too!

Lesson #4: Look after your team

This last one is the most important. I made sure Troy’s car was full of petrol for our location shoot and that both Troy and my partner, Karl, had hot coffee and hearty sandwiches to keep them going on the day of the shoot. Look after your team and they’ll look after you and never forget to say thank you.

So, with that said, a massive thank you to Troy Hansen, my Industry Experts (including Leesa Hickey), Phil Taylor, Space Furniture (for lending some of their beautiful chairs for the shoot) and Karl Hilton. The amazing photographs I now have would not be possible without you!


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