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June 22, 2009

After catching my breath for half a moment, I’d like to take time to thank Designfront who have created my fantastic website. I am delighted that their solution not only successfully represents my work and me as a designer, but also represents me as an individual.

Right from the first briefing session, Leesa Hickey (Co-Director), Madeline Hoy (Senior Designer) and Jennifer Theis (Senior Designer) were able to guide me in articulating the direction of the site. We decided, that even though I have an extensive background as an exhibiting artist (spanning 20 years), the focus needed to be on my current and future direction. That is, as a designer of sustainable textiles and wallpaper.

This allowed us to think through navigation and content solutions such as, posting my major exhibitions as a blog category, which is linked to the website.

Another major decision was to use the site to provide enough information about what I do to assist visitors, but not enough that they don’t need to contact me for more information. To me, the site needs to be a platform for my work. However, the contact with people really makes my job tick, especially through the Bespoke Design Service.

In drawing out my personality and design sensibility, Designfront developed a clean, punchy, yet slightly softened visual aesthetic. As part of this, they designed my cool menu buttons, which have lived past their life on the website to become part of the ‘KT’ identity now found on my new business cards, used in the invitation and window signage for Making Place and about to flesh out my sample packaging for client presentations.

It’s this holistic approach that sees Designfront stand out from the crowd. Their vision is long, whole and all encompassing. They met my budget, hit my timeframe and were so much fun to work with!

Three cheers to you, Designfront!

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