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2009. Making Place: Wallpaper & Textiles – De-installation

June 29, 2009

Today, within the space of an hour, I de-installed the window installation at Artisan’s 24/7 Ivory Street Project Space with the help of my partner, Karl.

It was a sad moment… I think that every artist who creates work that has a finite lifespan feels some post-exhibition depression. A part of yourself is invested so heavily in the creation of the work that when it’s de-installed, it’s as though that piece of you has also left with the work.

But is it really over?

Firstly, the window installation is very well documented, meaning there is a permanent, historical record of its existence. Secondly, the installation was intended as a visual exclamation mark at the end of the project to celebrate the actual outcome – the creation of a range of sustainable textiles and wallpaper that provides a connection between people and the spaces they live in and move through. Thirdly and finally, this is more an exciting beginning, than an ending, as I extend upon this range of products and work directly with clients through my Bespoke Design Service on custom briefs.

So, in short, this project is not ending, it’s only just started!

Thank you for following these weekly updates so closely and stay tuned as I continue to move forward with new and exciting updates and segues in the evolution of KT Doyle, Designer…

With the ottoman removed and the wallpaper taken down, we worked to de-install the print


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