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Life and Business Coaching

July 13, 2009

I have been visiting a Life Coach for the best part of 18 months and I have to give her a big wrap for the support she has given me, which has in turn assisted my project.

Rebecca Thompson is the Managing Director of Elevation, a company that specializes in Relationship Coaching, Executive Coaching, Management Coaching, Employee Coaching and Development, Personal Development and Coaching for Athletes. The intent behind seeing a Coach is similar to an elite athlete seeking specialist training, that is, to help individuals reach their full potential.

Rebecca has run her own business since she was 14, and has studied, read and lived personal development and human behaviour for over 10 years, with amazing life experiences giving her knowledge and insight that books just can’t deliver. Elevation brings together all of her passions: running a business, thinking creatively and supporting people to be the best they can be.

The One on One Coaching I have been receiving, covers a wide range of issues and concepts such as life balance and can help successful people become even more successful in their personal and career endeavours. It is a highly effective form of education and support with the coach addressing a client’s individual needs and learning behaviours.

So, why did I choose to see a Life Coach? Predominately because I want to live my life the best I can. I want to reach my full potential and reach my goals sooner rather than later!

Rebecca has really helped me work towards a better work/life balance. Working full-time and undertaking my project 16-30 hours/week, has been really challenging! It wasn’t too hard for the first few months, but when I hit the eight-month mark, I was wondering how I would keep up the pace! We looked at ways in which I could still have some ‘down time’ or ‘me time’ to balance out a very busy schedule (one that I couldn’t change in the short term). I was amazed to see how many opportunities I could take to recharge, even when under the pump seven days a week.

We talked about what I find enjoyable and relaxing that I could do at least once a week. For me this was watching movies – I love films! All I really had to do was make the commitment to myself to do this regularly, to understand how important this was to my overall performance and lifestyle. Then, we looked at this at a micro level and got me to take at least 15-20mins/day for myself. My partner and I have a lovely rooftop terrace with a great view at sunset. Our indoor cat, Chigger, loves to hang out on the terrace too and sunset is a great time to just wash off the day and breathe in the open skies. This is my time with little Chigger and I really feel better for it. I know this, because when I don’t take this time, I’m definitely not as relaxed or productive!

Now that my project is officially over and I’m moving into the next phase of my business, Rebecca is assisting me set clear short-term goals each month, keeping in mind my long-term goals and maximizing my potential to achieve them.

I really enjoy our sessions and feel as committed to them as I do to writing this blog! It’s so exciting!

I thoroughly recommend Rebecca and the team at Elevation for personal or business coaching. If you want to live your life to the full, go for it!

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