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Commissioning Process & Sustainability Seminar

August 31, 2009

We’ve kicked off to a great start with the UAP Mentorship Residency and I’ve already learnt a lot!

Last week I spent some time with the head of UAP’s Curatorial Team, learning about the Commissioning Process for public art and integration projects. This was an invaluable session as now I have a greater understanding of the process and can work within its parameters as guidelines for my Mentorship Residency.

UAP are working hard to continue to improve their operations and I had the opportunity to sit in on one of the Sustainability Seminars run by their Sustainability Manager. It was extremely insightful, making real connections between the ecosystems in nature and the industrial ecosystem of our economy. Yes, they are definitely one and the same!

Just as nature transfers resources and energy from one system to the next, so do we in the systems of business. Understanding this concept allows for a very clear and holistic approach to running a sustainable and environmentally aware business. We discussed water, waste, energy, transport, materials and equipment and carbon offsets among other issues. It was really helpful for me to learn about the coefficients for embodied energy in materials, as some materials require a much greater percentage of energy to convert into a usable form, virgin aluminum being one of them. I will definitely bear this in mind while designing not only the work for this project, but future works too.

Site development is also hot on our radar as I begin concepting initial thoughts for the work, with site visits and documentation also playing a key role in my week.

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