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Elevation Launch

October 12, 2009
This was an exciting week, bringing together a range of concepts to show the client for the UAP Mentorship Residency.

Working back with my Lead Designer and the design team, we put together a great presentation, outlining inspiration for the concepts, showing concept drawings and 3D renders and linking back to the underpinning conceptual rationale.

The flow of this presentation is so important. Creating the artwork is only one part of the process. Being able to communicate what the artwork will look like once installed on site requires a totally different set of skills. It was a valuable experience being involved in this process as it helped develop some of the ideas even further. Delivering a clear and relevant presentation comes down to two things: knowing your material and understanding your client’s needs. It’s great talking about your own work as you know it intimately and can field all sorts of questions. Obtaining a concise brief for the project gives the project direction and boundaries, which is imperative on a tight timeframe, and provides impetus for the work.

Elevation Launch
The second event was to launch Elevation Coaching’s stylish new premises in Bulimba. A very enthusiastic and supportive crowd turned out to find out more about the life and business coaching services that Elevation provides and to celebrate the vision that Rebecca Thompson, Director and Life Coach, has for the company. A couple of years ago the idea germinated for a business that could reach out to help people “live the dream” and reach their full potential. Together with her team of experienced coaches, Elevation is doing exactly that!

A couple of months ago Rebecca approached me to develop a custom colourway of my ‘Falling Leaves’ design for two of the consultation rooms. The result is “Evening Slipper/Moss”, creating a fresh, yet warm antique wallpaper with a calming sensibility. Inspiration came from the Elevation logo and the need to create a tranquil, but energising space in a small room. Rebecca also used the “Aniseed/Pearl” colourway for the other two consultation rooms, creating a fresh and vibrant contemporary space.
Whether you’re looking to reach business or personal goals, the team at Elevation can assist you in moving forward with great energy and confidence.


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