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Under the magnifying glass

November 30, 2009
As mentioned last week, I’ll be posting a special edition blog with information on the UAP Mentorship Residency, however in the meantime let’s talk about ‘detail’.

For me, detail is very exciting. It’s the nitty gritty. It’s problem solving. It’s where things get ‘sorted’ and ‘any wrinkles get ironed out’. It’s about the high level of care given to something so that it becomes the best it can be. It’s hands on and demanding and driven by a deep desire for perfection.

Detail is found in the accessories selected for an outfit, or the napkins chosen when setting the table. It’s in the text that has been written for the wall didactic for the Mentorship Residency and the fixtures researched for the installation of the work. Detail is especially in the research. It’s in all the ‘little things’ that combine to make the ‘main event’ full, rich and complete.

One of my best qualities is my attention to detail. It can also drive me quite mad, in that I will notice every stroke on a page, mark on a wall and word that it uttered! Whilst detail is crucial, it’s also important to be able to stand back and look at the whole picture for cohesiveness, continuity and broader ramifications.

We’re in the thick of the ‘detailed’ part of the Mentorship Residency with only a matter of weeks before we sign off on a job full of research, attention to detail and hopefully a wider, penetrating vision.

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