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Walter Hill – Light Reading

March 29, 2010

I’m just about to start reading ‘Walter Hill of Brisbane’s Botanic Gardens’ by Gordon Smith.

As the back jacket reads:

“This book takes you from Canonbie Lea in Scotland, to Canonbie Lea at Eight Mile Planes, [Queensland, Australia].

Today, if you see a Jacaranda, a Poinciana, or a Bunya Nut tree, or eat a Macadamia Nut, Pineapple, or Mango, or add some sugar to your cup of tea, you’ll be experiencing one of the many rich gifts given to Queensland by the first Curator of Brisbane’s Botanic Gardens, Walter Hill.

This story comes from the memories of Hill’s great-grand nephew and from official Parliamentary documents and Government records.

It will take you from Hill’s birthplace in Scotland to the Kew Gardens in London, to the tropical islands and mountains and rivers of Queensland, to Warwick on the Darling Downs, and to the beautiful bend in the river where Hill’s avenues of Bunya Nuts and Weeping Figs give shade and beauty to the centre of Brisbane.

And, strangely enough, the story ends with an intriguing vendetta carried out in the corridors of power in George Street.

If you enjoy Queensland History and/or our Botanic Gardens, you’ll want this book.”

Thanks to the Mount Coot-tha Council Library, which carries a range of books specifically focusing on plants and botanical illustrations, this book will keep me busy for a little while.

Join a library today…

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