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June 16, 2010

Welcome to DESIGN SPOT. Today I’m featuring Julien Fantone, Director of IDEA Creations:

What services do you offer?

I’m an artisan painter-decorator, specializing in wall decoration using a variety of natural and organic products made from a base of lime, quartz, marble dust, mica, casein, slate and latex.

These materials create unlimited possibilities with a rendering of textures and finishes that offer ‘unique identities to your walls’! With its naturally high ph, lime finishes act as an anti-bacterial surface, neutralising the development of organic substances such as mould and fungus and is important when considering our environment.

Describe your background and what led you to starting your business?

With seven years experience in the building trades and decorative art, IDEA Creations was born to enhance people’s environment by creating unique, elegant and stunning interiors.

How did you come up with your business name?

IDEA Creations stands for ‘Interior Decoration European Art’.

What kinds of projects are you working?

All kinds! With a range of 32 pigments we can create a huge range of colours, textures and designs to suit contemporary residences, commercial premises and the traditional home. Our products have a range of aesthetic and technical finishes including: rough-cast coatings, sgraffite, marmorino, traditional stucco, Tadelakt, lime wash and fresco colouring.

What are the most important things for you to communicate through your designs?

To create modern magic with these ancestral techniques!

Are there any specific design influences in your work or do you have a signature style?

We specialise in traditional paint and plaster techniques that have been used since ancient times which, are now appreciated by designers and architects around the globe.

How can we contact you?

Based in Brisbane, Australia, you can contact us through our website, email me: or just call: 0423 844 182!

Thanks Julien for telling us about what you do and where we can find you!

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  1. June 18, 2010 9:51 AM

    Very interesting read – Love the design spot KT!

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