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DESIGN SPOT – Studio Sam

June 25, 2010

In today’s DESIGN SPOT, I’m introducing the talented Samantha Parsons from Studio Sam. With a wealth of experience, Sam is now residing in Brisbane and it’s great to have her here. Read on for a snapshot into Studio Sam…

What services do you offer?

Studio Sam essentially offers 2 different services; 1) design consultancy including interior design and landscape architecture and 2) product design (under the banner ‘Family of Sam’).  We aim to provide whole spaces: inside, outside and the items that go within them.

Describe your background and what led you to starting your business?

I worked as a landscape architect and then as an interior designer at some great Melbourne design firms (including Taylor Cullity Lethlean and Carr Design Group) for 10 years before starting Studio Sam (or I am Samantha as it was called back then) in 2004. Two years earlier I had launched Floorscape (my first product).  As it demanded more of my time and new products evolved I felt it was time to start my own design studio.  This enabled me to bring my interests in landscape, interior and product together.

How did you come up with your business name?

When the business was started in 2004 it was called ‘I am Samantha’ which was a play on ‘Sam I am’.  In 2008 the business was rebranded and became known as Studio Sam.  The intention was to convey more about the business through its name, whilst carrying on the Sam component.  The ‘Family of Sam’ evolved because each of the products design had been given a Christian name (essentially creating a family of products).

What kinds of projects are you working?

We are currently working on several ’boutique’ office fit-outs (in Melbourne and Adelaide), a small foyer refurbishment project in Brisbane, several residential projects (in Melbourne and Brisbane) and the development of a new range of sustainable outdoor furniture after recently being awarded a Creative Sparks Grant (proudly supported by both the Brisbane City Council and the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland).

What are the most important things for you to communicate through your designs?

We approach each project differently and develop a set of criteria based on the brief, functional requirements and so forth.  Importantly we are committed to designing solutions that are individual, have a real purpose, can transcend transient fashion, are adaptable and challenge society’s “throw away mentality”.

Are there any specific design influences in your work or do you have a signature style?

I don’t think we have a signature style, but there are certain elements that do tend to reappear regularly in our work such as folding, interaction, adaptability…….

Is there anything else you think you’d like mentioned?

After growing up in rural Victoria and then living in Melbourne for 18 years Sam is a reasonably new resident of Brisbane (it has been almost 2 years!).

How can we contact you?

Email:;; Mobile: 0417 344 137; or Phone: 07 3229 4840…

Thanks Sam! We’re really looking forward to seeing the results of your Creative Sparks Grant. Please keep us informed with a launch date!

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  1. July 1, 2010 9:49 AM

    Hi KT
    Great interview. I’m looking forward to hearing more about Studio Sam at our Design Institute of Australia Breakfast Seminar Series, Bubble and Speak. Here is a link to the program – Sam is speaking at Seminar 4 Thursday October 7. I might see you there!

    Have a great day

    • July 1, 2010 9:52 AM

      I’m really looking forward to the Bubble and Speak series this year. There are some really interesting speakers lined up and I’m keen to see Sam talk about her practice. Thanks Leesa!

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