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Talking Design – True Design Leaders Empower People and Inspire Change

July 23, 2010

Last night I attended one of the Talking Design Lectures held at the State Library of Queensland (SLQ), an initiative of the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland (AQ) and SLQ.

Leading international designers and thought leaders Chris Bangle of Chris Bangle Associates (Italy) and Els Zijlstra of Materia (The Netherlands) offered insights into emotional design and inspirational materials.

Chris Bangle is one of the most famous car designers of our times, recognised for shaking the established status quo and radical take on car design. He presented ideas on current and future trends in mobility, what will enable and inhibit change in new cars and his role within this emerging world of eco-friendly mobility trends.

He says, “We want to live in cities admired for their pedestrian friendly streets and efficient transport corridors. Yet we are constantly challenged getting from A to B and being on the move is plagued with concerns about time, our state of mind and our carbon footprint.”

Els Zijlstra is founder and creative director of Materia, a platform between the creative professional and the industry. By gathering innovative materials worldwide and exposing them through a search engine, lectures, books and articles, international travelling, fairs and consultancy, Materia aims to become the central worldwide platform on innovation, creativity and sustainability.

Els says, “Sustainability should be naturally integrated in every design where comfort, functionality, economics and beauty are all important. Ecology, people and intelligence are now the main topics with nature as a huge inspiration source.”

Many thanks to AQ and SLQ for making this event possible.

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