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Market Savvy – Build a Marketing Action Plan in a Day

August 2, 2010

Hosted by Market Savvy Director, Megan Walker, this seminar was right on target…

Often big seminar promises like this, don’t deliver, but Market Savvy’s “Build a Marketing Action Plan in a Day” certainly did.

Held at the lovely Victoria Park Golf Course at Herston, this day-long seminar was full of relevant and useful information, hands-on learning and culminated in a ready-to-go marketing action plan which I personally tailored to my business on the day! What more could you ask for…

With well-timed breaks for coffee and lunch, there was the opportunity to talk with other participants and get a feel for who was there and why. No matter what sector of business we were from (creative industries to health to corporate), we all gained a tremendous amount from the seminar. This information is truly transferable to all industries and a real gem of a find.

Guest speaker, Monte Huebsch from Aussie Web talked provided tips on using and promoting yourself on Google (visit his website for some informative videos on this) and how social media can work really well for some businesses and is not really necessary for others. I’m relieved to know I’m not letting my business down by not constantly tweeting!

I’m often complimented for my ability, as others put it, “to get myself out there”, but I don’t always think I use my energy in the best way for the best results and certainly benefited from Megan’s advice on focusing my time on marketing options that are targeted and responsive and for me at present, low cost! Whilst running your own business takes lots of time, energy and support, I (and many others) don’t think it needs to or should be all-consuming. By following Megan’s advice and helpful tips, it’s easy to see where I can gain back some of the time spent promoting my business to actually work on it, rather than in it and achieve a more harmonious work-life balance.

Marty Doyle gave a motivational talk at the end of the day that referred to this work/life balance and emphasized how important it is to “not worry about the what ifs'”, “don’t worry about getting ahead of yourself” and how much we can achieve, just a little bit at a time. That’s all it takes… baby steps and before you know it you’ve climbed a mountain…

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