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August 12, 2010

Does anyone have any more of this stuff? Time is so illusive… You think you have lots of it, or spare blocks of it somewhere ‘later’, when in fact it disappears before your eyes like grains of sand…

Why do things take twice or three times as long as you forecast? Thank goodness I factor this in when planning my time. Is it just the creative industries that seem to gobble up time with late nights, working weekends and working through lunch or is it all professions, or all small business, or all people passionate about what they do? Often I find myself dreaming about my work… Not just reflecting on ideas, but actually ‘doing’ the work… It’s as though my subconscious believes that if I put in some extra hours working ‘in my sleep’, then I’ll be further ahead the next day when I’m actually awake! This would be terribly efficient!

I thought I’d punctuate the end of this musing with one of my favourite recent images of ‘time’, a still image from Sweeper Clock, a movie by Dutch designer, Maarten Baas, presented at Salone de Mobile, Milan 2009, featuring two men with brooms pushing lines of debris to form moving clock hands. Check out the video on Dezeen.

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