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Unlimited: Designing for the Asia Pacific – In Review – Day 5

October 9, 2010

Many Unlimited participants engaged in one or multiple workshops over the course of the seven-day triennial including: CJ Lim’s Smart Cities Master Class (photo below by Tobias Titz), Platform Mobility Workshop led by architect and trans-disciplinary designer Dr. Michael Trudgeon of Crowd Productions, Emergent Cities Workshop again with CJ Lim, Food Futures with Paul Bennett and City Studios‘ Innovation Camp. At this point, my body was feeling weary, but my mind was still going a million miles an hour just on the mental nourishment sustained through the free talks and events.

I had planned to attend the Authentic Design Alliance Lunch and Panel held at the Queensland Performing Arts Complex (QPAC), but had to forgo it in lieu of concentrating on an article about Unlimited for a major Australian design magazine, due the Monday following the triennial! I heard this was a great session though with speakers including: Roberto Verganti, Professor of Management of Innovation, Politecnico di Milano and Paul Morris, Director, Join (Australia). The Authentic Design Alliance is an Australian organisation formed to stop the spread of designer copies, replicas and counterfeits.

Exhibitions and Launches

The Italian Way of Seating: 50 Years of Italian Chairs exhibition opened at QPAC to an enthusiastic and appreciative crowd who then flowed on to SLQ for the Unleashed Roadshow Finale. We also popped into the Southbank Surf Club for dinner and then Food for Design where designer Samantha Parsons and architect and designer, Brian Steendyk both launched new products. I’m afraid that the rain and overcooking it during a big week meant that we didn’t then make it on to Play your Part(y) at Street and Garden Furniture, but I believe that a good crowd turned up later after events and dinner to continue on…


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