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Moore & Moore Wallpaper – Flannel Flower Damask

November 23, 2010

Very soon we will be launching Moore & Moore’s initial wallpaper offering, four designs in four colourways…

Here, I’d like to introduce the first design…

Flannel Flower Damask was inspired by the Australian native flower, the Flannel Flower (Actinotus helianthi). We wanted to create a design with roots in Australia and as a native to the Sydney area, what better way to celebrate the launch of this Sydney-based company! The Flannel Flower is simultaneously delicate and robust, with both a traditional and contemporary feel. The traditional elements are found in the type of drop repeat and the stylized motif, while the contemporary aspect is reflected in the sense of space around the lacy motifs.

Below is pictured the Gold on Purple colourway with one of the reference images which inspired the design… Stay tuned to see the other three stunning colours…

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  1. Kay Faulkner permalink
    December 1, 2010 12:49 PM

    My 2 favouirites are the flannel flower and the eucalyptus leaf. The flannel flower design is just so rich. And I do like the depth of the eucalyptus leaves. I’ll look forward to seeing the other colourways and how this project evolves. Well done KT. I do think you’ve earnt your break. Kay


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