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Moore & Moore Wallpaper – Gum Leaves

November 26, 2010

Now to reveal the final design in Moore & Moore Wallpaper‘s first collection of Australian-designed, Australian-made wallpaper! I feel so privileged to have designed this initial offering, but must say that it was very much a collaborative effort with the Director, Lynne Testoni, as we discussed reference images, reviewed my designs and chose colourways.

Here’s the story behind the fourth and final design…

Designing Gum Leaves was a very different experience to the other designs in the collection: Flannel Flower Damask, Coral, and Ticking Stripe. While we wanted to use an iconic Australian flora reference in the design, the Eucalyptus ‘gum leaf’, we didn’t want it to be emblematic or kitsch. Lynne’s vision was for a design that is simple, a design that ‘floats’ and has a sense of space to it. So, I focused on the actual leaf as the key motif and started to work on the structure of the repeat to allow the leaves to float and fall away. Creating my own initial wallpaper design Falling Leaves set me up well for this challenge. The shape of the gum leaf was perfect to execute that floating feeling and I added a drop shadow to create an added sense of depth and movement. As the design itself is quite complex, I chose to balance this complexity by keeping the motifs and the background simple, and not adding any further elements or texture. I can’t say what type of repeat structure I used here, because I really just developed this design free-form!

Pictured below is the Burnt Orange on Taupe colourway with some of the gum leaves I found in my local park and photographed to use as reference images… Stick around to see the other three colourways…

So, there you have it, Moore & Moore’s first wallpaper collection… More colourways to share with you, artwork details and very soon, the Moore & Moore website…

I’m so excited!

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  1. December 1, 2010 6:15 PM

    Terrific idea using the shadow in the design. I think this and the flannel flower damask are my favourites. Congratulations on a job well done – now you can enjoy Christmas!!

    • December 2, 2010 10:20 AM

      Thanks Deborah! I’m really glad we’re at this point now in the process, where the designs are becoming a reality! So exciting! Hope all’s well with you…


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