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Queensland Flood Appeal – Grahame Galleries + Editions

February 1, 2011

What a start to the year. Floods down the east coast of Australia, particularly hard hitting in Queensland and now a cyclone looming in the far north of the state. As the new year dawned, I somehow felt the power of 2011, that it would be a year which would truly challenge and grow my potential, but I didn’t see the wild weather coming and the impact it would have.

I’m grateful to say that my family were lucky during the flood, but many we know were not so fortunate…

Today I want to put a big shout out for Noreen Grahame of Grahame Galleries + Editions in Milton. Grahame Galleries has been exhibiting and representing print media artists for more than 20 years, through shows at the gallery and trade fairs. Her love of artist books and printmaking is renowned and her intimate gallery, housed in part of her actual home, has been well visited over the years. Sadly, her gallery/home were inundated by the flood that hit Brisbane, but the good news is that she had help saving all the artwork before the waters rose. Noreen has set up a donation facility on her website if you are able to contribute to the rebuilding of the property. 10% of all sales during my upcoming exhibition, Collected Patterns: The botany of Walter Hill, will be donated to Grahame Galleries + Editions.

If you can help, or know of anyone who may be able to help, please let them know.

Thank you.

And, welcome in 2011 with all the challenges that it may bring…


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