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Lyndell Brown & Charles Green – Heiser Gallery

April 12, 2011

What a show!

Lyndell Brown and Charles Green, partners in life and work, have been painting together for more than 30 years. Their work embraces political, social and cultural markers through contrasts and juxtapositions. Meticulously executed, they both work on each painting – you don’t know who has painted which part of the work as their style and mark-making fuses for a unified approach to the work, rather than separate egos vying for attention or spotlight.

I won’t say anymore about the work, but instead urge you, if you are in Brisbane, to see this show before it ends. This is the first time the duo have exhibited in Brisbane and we are fortunate that Bruce Heiser has brought their exquisite work to his gallery for us to enjoy in the flesh.

Show runs until 8 April 2011 at Heiser Gallery, Brisbane…

Images: Left: Sunrise, 2011 Oil on linen; Right: Empire, 2010 Oil on linen

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