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Selling Wallpaper – Wallpaper Council, New York, 1956

May 4, 2011

Thanks to a hot tip from Malcom Enright over at Ephemeral-male, I picked up this little number on Amazon

Selling Wallpaper: A study of the fundamental knowledge required for selling wallpaper successfully, prepared under the supervision of and published by the Wallpaper Council, 509 Madison Avenue New York, 1956, covers a fascinating array of topics including:

  • History and Romance of Wallpaper
  • Color and how to use it
  • Manufacture and physical properties of wallpaper
  • Decorating with wallpaper
  • Selling Dynamics
  • Successful wallpaper selling techniques, and
  • Merchandising displays

It’s the complete overview for wallpaper salespeople when it comes to historical summaries, wallpaper hanging instructions and colour tutorials! Of course, it’s completely dated in its approach (the entire selling landscape has reinvented itself over the past 50 years), but that is part of it’s charm and a record of that era…

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