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Sponsorship – A ‘give give’ relationship

April 30, 2012

I’m thrilled to announce that Brisbane print specialist, Colour Chiefs, through their wide format printing division, Big Chiefs, will be printing the work for my collaboration with Robert Davidson for Seven with Another.

I met recently with one of their large format print specialists to discuss printing options and having our quarter scale prototype of the final sculptural work was a great aide in finding the best solution for our project needs.

Just as excited about our project as we are, Colour Chiefs have come on board to sponsor the digital printing component of our collaboration. I would like to thank Colour Chiefs’ directors for backing an initiative with such great possibility. The Seven with Another exhibition series has extensive reach within the creative community and with such large numbers now attending the launch event and exhibition, it will be held at the Brisbane Powerhouse, providing central access for the greater general public.

I thoroughly recommend talking to suppliers about sponsorship or other in-kind arrangements for your projects. It’s not just about finding strategic ways to reduce your costs, but about opening up new markets for your suppliers too. I call this a ‘give give’ relationship and it’s about helping each other.

When contacting a potential sponsor, I follow these basic points:

1. It helps if you already use your potential sponsor’s services and have a good relationship with them. If they know you and your work, and that you’re planning to continue working with them in the future, you will build further confidence in your relationship.

2. You need to be clear about your project. What are you asking of them? Provide background information about the overall project and your role/work. Show them sketches and prototypes so they are crystal clear about what you are planning to do and how they would be involved.

3. Get them excited! You’re excited about your project, let your enthusiasm show how great it’s going to be and how their contribution is essential to making the project happen.

4. Most importantly, let them know how they will benefit by being involved in your project. The audience for your work needs to be appropriate to your supplier with the potential for them to access a new customer base. Ensure they are visible within the project by promoting their business on your website and in all media concerned with your project.

5. And, of course, thank your sponsor! You might give them tickets to your show or event, a private viewing of your work or a special gift. Make sure they know how grateful you are!

So, there are only two things you need to do now… Start thinking about sponsorship and mark the launch event for Seven with Another in your calendar: Thursday 10 May, 7pm, Brisbane Powerhouse…


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