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DIA Bubble and Speak Inspiration Breakfast Series 2012

July 16, 2012

Established in 1991, the Design Institute of Australia’s (DIA) Bubble and Speak Inspiration Breakfast Series, provides a window into the practice of some of Australia’s most interesting and established design professionals. A diverse range of speakers from different backgrounds share what gets them fired up and how they approach their practice. From communication designers, photographers, interior, furniture and fashion designers to artists, architects and creative catalysts.

This programme runs over four breakfast event sessions and is not only a forum for inspiration but a place where valuable connections are made between a vibrant range and profile of speakers and design industry attendees.

I presented at the 2011 Seminar Series and had the most positive response to my work and my practice. I met some wonderful people with whom I’m still in contact and highly recommend devoting one morning/month over the next four months to getting inspired. It is so important to feed your creativity, to nurture it and give it time and space for reflection. In so many ways we can get caught up on the endless treadmill of production – producing work, meeting deadlines, administering our practices and forget to take moments to replenish and reinvigorate. Take some time out of your schedule to listen to the stories of others and I’m sure you’ll find yourself renewed for your own projects and client work. I think of it as taking a big breath of fresh air, having a good stretch and smiling at nothing and everything at the same time. Seriously, do this for yourself!

For further details and to register your attendance, visit the official website. The first session kicks off this Thursday 19 July 2012 with Berry Liberman from Dumbo Feather and artist Cathy Keys.

I’ll be there, will you?

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