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Recollected Patterns – Framing

September 10, 2012

I am framing the limited edition letterpress prints and machine-embroideries that were originally shown at Myrtle Street Studio last year for my upcoming exhibition Recollected Patterns: The botany of Walter Hill, to be held at Redland Art Gallery, Capalaba.

All the framed works from the Collected Patterns show have been acquired, which is wonderful. I could have contacted my lovely collectors and asked them to loan the prints to the gallery for the duration of the exhibition (which is common practice and is duly credited), however, I thought it would be nice to present the works afresh to acknowledge this show as an extension of the original exhibition.

Originally the works were framed in beautiful timber frames, which softened the bold aesthetic of an exhibition where all the works were black and white. This time and given there will be a lot of strong colour appearing in the extension works, I have decided to frame the letterpress prints and machine-embroideries in white frames as photographed in the Collectibles store. The works appear fresh, clean, light and above all the focus remains on the motifs. Any additional distraction or visual noise is eliminated by keeping the presentation colour palette consistent and simple. It’s as though the frames are not even there and become part of the gallery wall. On another note, white frames are very versatile, able to work across many interior colour schemes, so that’s good news too when collectors take them home!

But it’s not just about how they look, it’s about how they will survive long term. While these works look lovely in standard 8×10″ and 4×6″ frames, I prefer to have my work archivally framed. There is a lot of conjecture as to what this actually means, but I think the most important things are that 1) the framing elements that come into direct contact with the work (namely mount and backing boards and any hinging tapes) are pH neutral/acid free, 2) UV acrylic or glass is used and 3) the work is sealed air tight. Good quality framers at least implement these practices as a minimum.

For Collected Patterns, the first impression of each edition of prints and embroideries were framed, and for Recollected Patterns the last impression will be framed. That’s just my little quirk and something nice for my collectors to know…


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