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Juggling Projects

September 24, 2012

Lately, I’ve been posting lots about my upcoming exhibition Recollected Patterns: The botany of Walter Hill, as I promised I would, however, this is not the only project I’ve had on the go…

No matter how prepared and organised you are, when any project or exhibition deadline draws near, there always seem to be little unexpected things that pop up requiring time spent problem solving, editing, negotiating or just simply completing.

I like to factor a buffer period into my projects to help ease crunch time and this is something I learned years ago when working for a games development company. They committed their development teams to internal and external deadlines. The internal deadlines were the dates the teams needed to meet to complete their work for the next project milestone. This gave them time to assess any issues and make corrections, before submitting work to the client. This client submission was the external deadline, the date in the contract the work need to be supplied.

This is quite a simple strategy, but provides some breathing space and I’ve found this helpful, yet again, in the lead up to my solo show. I’ll talk more about other projects I’ve been working on later in the year… Meanwhile, only two weeks until Recollected Patterns opens!

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