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Recollected Patterns – De-install & Evaluation

December 3, 2012

Last week, together with the lovely gallery staff, I de-installed my exhibition, Recollected Patterns: The botany of Walter Hill.

I am delighted to have been invited to tour to the Redland Art Gallery’s intimate Capalaba site, the complete Collected Patterns exhibition and create extension works to develop Recollected Patterns. It showed for two whole months – which is a wonderful airing – to a diverse public who either visited specifically to see the exhibition, or came across it by chance while visiting the Capalaba library. This meant that people from all walks of life, of all ages came to know a little about Walter Hill and the amazing contribution he made to Brisbane through his work in the Brisbane Botanic Gardens and throughout Queensland in relation to agriculture and plants of economic value for export.

It was great to be able to give my artist talk to such an engaged and appreciative audience in October and some of the delightful comments I received included: 

“It was a delight to have been able to attend (your artist talk) and the wonderful insight indeed makes the work so much more beautiful and appreciated!”

“It was great to come along and be inspired (again) … and pushed a little to think about what I love and enjoy and how I can create from that.”

And, this put a smile on my face…

“My daughter and I saw your exhibition at the Redland Art Gallery (our local art space – which we go to often). (My daughter) said ‘she is a very good drawer’!”

On reflection, I am delighted to have been invited to show the work in a regional gallery of such a high calibre. Regional galleries are so important in the connections they make between art, storytelling, history and community and it has been a privilege for Recollected Patterns to be a part of that.

Many thanks to the staff at the Redland Art Gallery for all their assistance regarding the exhibition and to all my expert printers and people from whom I’ve sort valuable advice through these projects. Without you, there would be no work to show! 

If you would like further information about the exhibition or the works you might like to view the many posts I’ve penned or contact me for further information.

The limited edition prints and embroideries from the exhibition are still available to view and purchase through the Collectibles store until sold out…

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