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A Transitional Space

February 4, 2013

A Transitional Space

I truly love the transitional space in which we move from one calendar year to the next and I hope that over the festive break you have had time to reflect, dream, plan and start the wheels in motion of some exciting and meaningful projects for 2013.

I believe it is important to get closure on the year that has been, before ramping up for the year that lies ahead. Every year during this time, I run through a sort of mental analysis and spring clean. I assess what projects and processes worked last year and what didn’t. What I enjoyed doing (and clearly need to do more of) and what I didn’t. I think about how I worked with people, who I would like to work with again and who I wish to work with in the future. I take time to reflect on the direction in which I am headed. Does it still feel right? Am I going ‘off-course’? Is ‘off-course’ actually where I want to be, because my direction has changed?

In these transitional moments I am able to reconnect with the purity of intention I have for what I do, and these questions help reset my internal compass and ensure the integrity remains in all I undertake throughout the coming year as new challenges and unforeseen obstacles arise.

As we welcome another year of possibility, of great potential, hope, change and growth, I am reminded by our harsh and temperamental Australian environment (which has recently seen fires and floods ravish the landscape) to delve deeper and wider into my practice and to stay true to what I believe.

And, I wish the same for you…

Image: Floodwater on the Burnett River running out to sea at Bundaberg, January 29, 2013 by Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield, courtesy

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