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Just Ask

February 25, 2013


I had a wonderful experience recently when I decided to reconfigure my studio in line with the work I am looking to produce over the next 12 months.

I am lucky to have beautiful timber floorboards, which make cleaning a breeze, but I like to have something under my desk chair to protect the wooden floor and provide some warmth under my feet. With a zero negative impact commitment to be fully sustainable by 2020 and outstanding product design and quality, I contacted carpet tile experts, Interface. Their carpet tile collection and range of colours are extensive and they love working collaboratively on projects to design custom solutions with their clients. Their products are suitable for commercial and domestic applications alike and are made from materials that are low-VOC, which means they are much healthier than traditional carpet alternatives.

Besides the fact that I received top notch product and quickly, the most wonderful part of this experience was the honesty, respect and generosity in our exchange. I asked honestly for what I wanted, even though it was a little out of the box. Interface valued my custom and not only fulfilled my needs, but exceeded them through the solution they offered, their fast delivery and their friendly service. Equally I valued their sincere desire to help and wanted to give back in some way, so our relationship was actually based on mutual benefit. Hopefully, I am able to reciprocate their generosity here in this post and in all the conversations I will have with people going forward as I continue to promote Interface’s wonderful work and products. 

I am reminded here that when you honestly ask for what you want, you will generally receive it, even if at first you think it’s possibly out of reach. And, it’s with this mindset that I move closer to my dreams and goals… You’ll never know what your future looks like unless you ask to see it.


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