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The Halfway Mark

April 15, 2013

KT Doyle 2008 by Troy Hansen2

Have you ever gotten half-way through something and felt a sense of overwhelm?

Half-way through a project, have you stopped in your tracks and said, “this is much bigger than I thought it would be.” Or half-way through making something have you thought, “this is taking much longer than I planned – I’m on to my next idea already!”

I’m half-way through my BSchool course and I’m thinking, “this is much harder than I expected it to be!” It is much, much harder than I thought. But, it’s also so much more rewarding than I anticipated…

The great thing about BSchool is that it’s making me do some really difficult work on my business. Right from module one, I’ve had to go deep within myself and ask some really hard questions that sit right at the core of my practice. I’ve had to ask myself, why do I do what I do (no, not just because I love it), why do I want to keep doing it and who really wants to engage with it.

Reaching the half-way point in this course is tough. There is so much work to still cover off and so much more yet to learn. It’s easy to get caught up in this feeling of overwhelm and either give up or shelve it for a while and think “I’ll go back to that later.” But, when is ‘later’? Later often never comes. Especially when it comes to doing the really hard work we need to do in our business and on ourselves.

The alternative, however, brings so many rewards and at the end, an unbeatable sense of satisfaction. The alternative is to stick with it, to hunker down, to get on with it, to schedule the time, and commit to having the resolve to know that what you are doing is going to change everything. It’s like running a marathon and being able to see the finish line – you’re sweating your guts out, you’re thirsty, your legs are burning, but you want to cross that line so badly that you narrow your vision down, block out any distractions and go for it.

I’m at the half-way mark… and I’m going for it.

How do you get through these feelings of overwhelm half-way through something? How do you move forward and beat that feeling that there is so much to do, will you ever get there? 

Image: Another flash back! At the Brisbane Powerhouse 2008, by Troy Hansen

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