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Unexpected Patterns

April 22, 2013

Denim Patterns

Patterns are everywhere. In nature. In architecture. In language. In relationships. In processes and methodologies. In mathematics. In music. There are climatic patterns and universal behavioural patterns. And of course, my favourite, patterns in surface design…

While working on my Brisbane City Council Tip Shop Art Competition entry (soon to be revealed), I started to find patterns in not only my methodical process, but also in the construction of the work itself.

The image above was taken halfway through the making process. I looked at the assemblage of recycled denim fabric pinned together and was struck by the lovely, organic pattern of not only the fabric pieces but the almost rhythmic arrangement of dressmaking pins, which was not intentional, merely a result of securing the denim to the under-fabric. Sometimes the most beautiful things reveal themselves through process and it’s quite magical when we become aware of them.

This made me think of the beauty in random and asymmetrical patterns. In organic designs, this balance is often created through movement, encouraging the eye to dart around, linking colours and shapes and sending us on a journey, connecting the dots. I enjoy developing work like this, work which has a definite rhythm to it. It’s alive, dynamic and about as far removed from contrived as you can get.

What visual patterns can you see in your immediate environment? Have you noticed certain patterns in your life? Do you find balance within the patterns of your day?

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