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How will you celebrate your mum this Mother’s Day?

April 29, 2013

Erythroxylon Coca

Mother’s Day in Australia is celebrated on the second Sunday in May, and as it draws closer I’m reminded of all the amazing things mother’s do. If you’re lucky like me, she listens and advises and simply holds you when you need it most. She shares your joys and your struggles and supports your crazy dreams. She wants to know everything and in return, shares all she is with you. She knows when something’s awry and hopefully when not to pry. Your memories of childhood are full of her. And, you’re grateful for all she has done for you, for all she has given up so that you might have everything.

How do you plan to celebrate your mum this Mother’s Day?

Will you buy flowers? Will you make a beautiful lunch? Will you spoil your mum with a little gift? Will you write your thoughts on a lovely, handmade card? Or, will you simply tell her how much she means to you?

Whatever you choose to do, I hope this is a meaningful time for you…

If you think you’d like to spoil her with a little gift, you might just like to dedicate a handmade print to her art collection from my Collectibles store… And, if you order before Saturday 11 May 2013, your gift will be beautifully and lovingly gift wrapped for free!

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