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JEANBAG™ is made for people…

May 20, 2013

JEANBAG_Story Time

I’m reminded of this over and over again…

What matters most are the people in your life, the people you surround yourself with, the people that you serve.

This thought alone has the power to completely transform creative practice. Instead of simply making something cool or making something just because we want the pleasure of making it, we can ask “how can I bring my passion to the world in a way that will help others?” Instead of thinking “how can I make money from this?”, we can shift the focus to “how can I deliver real change, make a real difference, impact people and help them live a better life?”

I’ve just completed eight intensive weeks of BSchool, with loads of ideas to implement over the coming months. Even though the high-impact course is very much about empowering our business brain and ramping up our marketing to create a truly successful business and a life we love, one of the greatest things we learned had nothing to do with making more money, but instead remembering to always ask ourselves “how can we best serve others?”

This is what really excites me about JEANBAG™. This is where I can make real difference in the world. In fact, it’s not even really about JEANBAG™, but JEANBAG™ as a vehicle through which I can help the environment and help others.

Thinking like this becomes a truly inspired way to live…

What things do you do in your business or in your life that honours the people who surround you and the people that you meet? 

Photography by Troy Hansen, styling by Tahn Scoon and many thanks to our models, Keren and little Ilan!

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