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JEANBAG™ — It’s in the detail

July 29, 2013

JEANBAG Embroidered Label

Work is well under away on JEANBAG™: The coolest beanbag made from denim jeans… I promise I will have it ready for you soon!

Last week, I took the plunge and made an investment. I’ve been making lots of investments in JEANBAG™ to get it just right and I’ve now decided to run with an embroidered branded label. Not a woven label as you would typically find on most products, but a label that is actually embroidered.

While JEANBAG™ is made from recycled denim jeans, it is a well-considered, well-designed, bespoke product. Every JEANBAG™ is handmade and is unique. Each one bares the mark of the artisan in the composition of the denim panels, in the fine double stitching, and in the attention to detail. That’s while I feel an embroidered label clearly embodies the quality product that JEANBAG™ is. And, I’m integrating the denim jeans right into the branding. That’s right, ‘JEANBAG’ is embroidered right onto the recycled denim jeans and turned into a ‘loop’ label sewn into the ‘shark fin’ backbone of the bean bag. How cool is that!

Sure I could have woven labels made in China and keep my costs down, but I feel it is more important to honour the integrity and quality of JEANBAG™ and it’s details like the embroidered labels that make all the difference.

I truly believe it’s the sum of all the details, well-thought out and well-executed, that give the most amazing results. What do you think?


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