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Brisbane Home Show 2013

September 16, 2013

New Vintage + Jeanbag

Last week Brisbane stylist and interiors writer, Tahn Scoon, invited JEANBAG™ to the Brisbane Home Show!

As part of the 2013 event, Tahn gave a series of informal talks in which she shared loads of information on how to work with antique furniture and textiles. She gave her insights into things like when it’s appropriate to repair and restore great antique pieces and when it’s better to give them a complete facelift. One of my favourite tips was how Tahn transforms Op Shop clothing into designer cushions. She showed an example of a beautiful Liberty of London skirt combined with a vintage dress to create a seriously knock out oversized cushion. Before you go thinking that she destroyed completely good items of clothing, both had stains and holes that she was able to cut out, thereby salvaging and repurposing some amazing fabric. She said the ‘wow factor’ here is not just the choice of fabric, but to fill your cushion covers with 100% feather inserts. These will have your cushions looking luxurious, while being really substantial and super-comfortable. I love it!

Tahn featured JEANBAG™ as an example of local creatives repurposing materials to create entirely new products. As you know, JEANBAG™ is made from recycled denim jeans and each one is completely unique.

The audience also got an inside peek into Tahn’s fabulous book, New Vintage, published by New Holland, which includes a bundle of ‘how to’ projects that will take your interiors from secondhand to vintage—read: second rate to gorgeous! The book was photographed in and around South East Queensland and features wallpaper I designed with Moore & Moore.

It was lovely to be involved in these talks where Tahn and I share a similar aesthetic and ideology with regards to interiors and our approach to materials. We both have a love of recycling and the wonderful stories that are inherent in old things. Tahn, many thanks for inviting JEANBAG™ and I along!

For more information about Tahn’s book and upcoming workshops, visit her website. Also, keep an eye out for her features on Brisbane homes in Home Beautiful magazine.

Meanwhile, hold tight… JEANBAG™ is coming!

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